Should you file a CLAIM?

Ever filed an insurance claim for damage to your property only to have the claim DENIED by your insurance company?

• Do you know that MULTIPLE claims may cause you to PAY more for insurance?

• Do you know that MULTIPLE claims may cause you to be UNABLE to obtain insurance?

• Do you know that MULTIPLE claims can cause your policy to be CANCELLED? contains information that might save you time and money. This site contains information you should know before filing a claim with your insurance company. Your insurance policy contains detailed information you should know before you file a claim and we will help you find it.

Wind and hail damage, fire, earthquake, water damage, electrical or lightning strikes may or may not be covered by your policy.  Find your type of loss by clicking on the appropriate menu items at the top, then review the information provided. We will help you determine a course of action such as determining if you would benefit from filing a claim or if you would be better off not filing a claim. Helping you determine when to contact your agent or if you should call that 1-800 number provided by the insurance company, helping you find a contractor or helping you determine what alternatives you have to filing a claim.


In the pages that follow we have separated losses by specific types and include more detail to help you with your property loss.


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